Hobbyist of the Month



My name is C.W. Riley – born, raised, and will die in Kansas City, MO. I’ve been collecting all my life, but have focused my main PC to George Brett. Obviously he’s my childhood hero, but also so damn relatable to the normal Joe – prefers pine tar to batting gloves, chew to bubble gum, and beer to the weight room.

As crappy as the pandemic has been, P2020 allowed me to expand my Brett RC collection, and it introduced me to a new world of art and card art, which has rejuvenated my love for the hobby in general – the state of the fraternity is strong! I enjoy sharing my finds, and I love seeing what others have in their collections or what they have created. From time to time, I’ll dabble with a little “card art” myself – you’d be surprised at how therapeutic an extra “junk wax” card, an xacto knife, and a little creativity, can be!

Nothing is better than sharing knowledge and passion about the sport and our hobby with the younger generation. Keep the fraternity strong by bringing in the youngsters! Give me a long rain delay at the ball park with my kids over anything else.


He’s won a $50 break credit to One of One Card Shop